Twenty years on from its foundation, La Saponaria has a team of forty people: it is a company that is consolidated in the market and has a notable role in the Italian cosmetics scene. The route to become a benefit corporation was for them a moment of reflection on what the company wants to become in the future: it was a journey of inner awareness, one that shifts the emphasis from products to people, to build together a new, shared identity.


A 6-stage workshop that has involved a group of ten people – led by the founders – to identify all company stakeholders and consequently to map and analyse what led us to establishing benefit goals in three macro areas:

– sustainability education with transparency and skill;

– giving value to people who work in the company and helping them to fully develop;

– responsible use of resources throughout the supply and production process.

A company that delivers natural products for self-care and daily beauty routines, just as everybody’s commitment to a more sustainable and aware future must be a daily one: a widespread, shared gesture from people who embrace the goal. This leads to the company’s Purpose Statement:

Let’s make a difference, one shower at a time.

Rebrain’s support didn’t stop there: we have drawn up a Charter of Corporate Values involving all forty workers to set down the most important principles that make the company an open and positive place to work and to feel valued.

5 core values that describe how La Saponaria does business, both in house and externally:

– Respect;

– Kindness;

– Collaboration;

– Evolution;

– Coherence.

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