Aims International is a global consultancy company that specialises in research and development projects. It has always been inspired by sustainability values and by getting the most out of people, defining management standards that give priority to and environmental and social responsibility and good governance. The decision to become a benefit corporation was thus an entirely natural evolution which has once again brought attention to the values which lead the company to its goals. For the common good, not just profit for a business.

A five-stage workshop that has involved a group of 12 people – led by the founder and CEO – in identifying all of the company stakeholders and then mapping and analysing the material issues that are important to them. 

This journey led us to define profit aims in 4 macro areas:

– people, relationships and work environment;

– education on sustainability issues;

– values to be shared to create healthy work relationships;

– support for the community and region where they operate.

Ambitious, but achievable, goals in the spirit of a company that for some time has been working to get the most out of people and creating healthy relationships and an inclusive atmosphere.

Working with talent is what AIMS International does every day: the company finds talented people, trains them, develops them and places them in the market, that is why the choice of Purpose Statement could only be expressed in similar words, with an extended vision:

Inspire progress through talents.

We used the word “talents” – rather than “talent” – deliberately: to represent people in their complexity, their many facets, abilities and skills.

AIMS Italia has followed a journey of awareness that is genuinely shared, and 

in which everybody takes part: a shared effort to outline a new direction with enthusiasm, active participation and concrete action.

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